sick, sick, sick…

When we first moved to Texas we enjoyed about 3 years of little to no sickness.  The kids would go to the doctor for their well checks and that is about it.  It was awesome!  Well, we have decided to make up for it this year.  This Fall and Winter it seems like we have had it all…including the dreaded stomach bug. :(  Last week, Tucker was home with a fever virus.  Then on Friday Luke woke up not feeling well, and on Saturday he was still not doing well at all.  I decided to take him to the pediatric urgent care and I’m glad I did.  By the time I got there his fever was up to 103, and he had a double ear infection.  He will probably end up with a second set of tubes because the first set didn’t seem to do the trick. :(

So…there is a point to all of this complaining. :)  While sitting for over an hour waiting to see the doctor (with a not so great attitude) I was reminded of my friends who have kids with chronic illness.  Long doctor visits are a way of life.  Simple colds are never simple and there is no “season” of sickness…it is just a way of life.  It gave me some much needed perspective and was a good reminder to pray for them on a regular basis.

We are on the mend today and I am so thankful to the Lord for caring doctors, antibiotics, and the blessing of being able to stay home and care for my kiddos.

Looking forward to a new week.

I helped my friend Natalie set up her nursery last week…I can’t wait to share pictures.  I  got to pretend I was an interior designer  and I loved it.



2 thoughts on “sick, sick, sick…

  1. Who are you kidding? Jenn, you ARE an interior designer! :) I can’t wait to see the pics, too – you are so very talented! Glad you are all feeling better, especially little Luke.

  2. Hey Jen! I LOVE the new header! Or maybe it’s not new? :) I have begun blogging again and now that I find myself with free time in the evenings, I have been catching up on friend’s blogs. Thanks for the fb message! We would love to get together with you all! Hugs and hope you all feel better soon!

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