a little weekend creativity…

Last weekend I decided to tackle my “office area” in the kitchen.  The counter space and cabinet in that area had just become a junk magnet and it was driving me crazy!  I had a file basket there, but it was just too easy to just keep stuffing random things that had no place in there.  So I took everything out…it was a mess!  I forgot to take a before picture…but trust me it was a mess.  I got started and after a couple of hours of work it now looks like this…

I saw kitchen cabinets with chalkboard paint on a blog and loved it.  I really wanted something to write quick notes to myself and this was the perfect solution.  I threw away a ton of  junk that was just taking up space, only kept what I really needed, and gave everything a specific place.  The basket in the cabinet is what used to sit on the counter and collect junk.  Now it only holds very specific things.

Next, I thought about my everyday life with four kids and the “office” things that I am constantly reaching for…pencils, pens, tape, a notepad, scissors, glue stick…those are the things that I decided to keep most accessible and put on the counter.

My friend Gretchen made some adorable Trick or Treat pails out of empty paint cans that were my inspiration for these cans.  It is just paint cans and pail (Home Depot), scrapbook paper, and mod podge.  I am really happy with the way they turned out and I love that they are big enough to hold lots of supplies!  They are also clearly labeled so the kids know where to find and put stuff back.

I love organization projects…already thinking about my next one. ;)

Happy Friday…



3 thoughts on “a little weekend creativity…

  1. Love it! My junk cabinet area is on my nesting to do list. Sunday, my MIL is coming over to help me with my pantry, that is completely driving me nuts!

  2. Just catching up on your blog. Love reading and seeing all of the pictures. You have such an awesome talent for…crafting, photo journaling and just plain ol being real and transparent. Love it. Miss you guys, hope all is well.

  3. Fantastic! I have counter space to the right of the kitchen sink that always collects junk (all by itself, I have no idea how). I aso have THREE junk drawers – INSANE!!!

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