Christmas Parties and Marble Falls…

I survived the week!! :)  Friday was Jack, Mack, and Tuck’s last day before Christmas break.  Everyone was healthy and able to go to school.  They did not want to miss because it was party day!  I am the room mom for Tucker’s class so I was in his room for the majority of the time.

After we got through most of the activities I asked another mom if she could watch over things so that I could run to Mackenzie and Jackson’s room.  I only had enough time to hug them and take a quick picture but they just like to know that I am there even if I can’t stay for the entire party. ;)

All three kids have such amazing teachers this year…I wanted to add a little something more to the Target gift cards that we purchased for them.  So, I bought each teacher a lightweight scarf and then made a silk flower pin to go with it.  This is the one that we gave to Jackson’s GT teacher…

It was fun to pick out the colors that I thought each teacher would enjoy. :)

On Saturday we made our annual trip to Marble Falls to walk through their Christmas Light display.  We went with the Cooleys, my mom, my brother (my dad had to work :( ), and this year Galen’s cousin Shane, wife Jayne, and their two girls came with us too.  They were in town from Denver and we had so much fun taking them along with us.

We stopped in Johnson City and ate dinner at a great little small town restaurant with “down home” cooking.  Their menus were glued onto paper sacks…ha ha. :)

The girl’s table :)

The boy’s table :)

Obviously, Mackenzie was in heaven because she is normally completely outnumbered!  After dinner we headed to the Light Display…

And then we saw Santa…

Mackenzie’s teacher told me that last week she announced to her entire class (to the horror of many of her classmates) that Santa is NOT real and that it is your parents that buy the gifts.  Mackenzie’s teacher was quick on her feet and dealt with the situation in a very creative way…but that is a whole other blog post! ;)

Real or not…she still had a good time talking to Santa and taking a picture with him.

It was another great trip to Marble Falls.  I was telling Galen on the way home that this is one of my favorite traditions.  The kids love it and look forward to it every year.   So thankful for my little family. :)

And now to get ready for Christmas…

Unfortunately, I woke up with what I think is a case of Strep Throat. :(  I’m hoping it passes quickly so I can get ready for a great time celebrating with family.  My brother and his family come Thursday.  I’m really looking forward to it!:)



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