Christmas at the Conants…

Our tree…with the “controversial” bow on top.  Tucker was really upset that I didn’t use a star.  He talked about it for days.;)

The Christmas Card Tree…one of my favorite things about decorating for Christmas.  This is just the beginning…by Christmas the tree is completely full and I love it!!

I found the JOY in the dollar bins at Target.  Always love finding those little treasures!

These vases are sitting on my kitchen table.  I wasn’t really sure if they would be safe there, but so far so good.  I am currently in love with the red and turquoise combination…can you tell? :)  (The pedestal vases were a great idea from my sister in law Marie…they are just dollar store vases hot glued on top of dollar store candle holders.  Such a great idea!)

My in-laws give us a snowflake ornament every year.  They are so pretty and some of my favorite ornaments.  I wanted to display them in a special way this year and really like how they look on this little dress form.  My sparkly red birdies are from the Dollar Tree.  There seems to be a Dollar Store theme to my Christmas decorating this year.

I have had these two trees from Hobby Lobby for years.  I love putting them on the buffet in my kitchen at Christmas.  I had high hopes to make an advent calendar this year, but I ended up just shelling out the $25 and I bought one at Target.  I love it and it was worth every penny because I decided that my time was worth the $25. ;)

It has been a crazy couple of weeks.  A large women’s event at church, a birthday party, the Christmas musical, a luncheon for 100 teachers/staff that I was in charge of (it is my PTA position this year), class parties…and two cases of strep throat.  I am really looking forward to next week when we can just relax and enjoy some time at home.  I just have to make it through the next two days!! ;)



3 thoughts on “Christmas at the Conants…

  1. do you know the ‘Christian’ version of where the Christmas tree came from?

    if so, then the bow makes PERFECT sense! just sayin’.

    the short story is that the tree used to be worshipped as a god, some missionaries cut it down right before a sacrifice to the tree and then shared the gospel – it was Christmas time so the group decided to use it as a symbol that points to the One True God who is ‘ever’ faithful (evergreen) – and Jesus is the present…pointing to the present….right!?

    kinda. sorta. maybe.

    and I always love your pictures!

    and I am chanting and clapping for you…”Two days..two days…two days..two days…etc…”

  2. Christmas decorations are my favorite and you’ve done a nice job with yours, Jenn. Tell Tucker I like the red bow on the tree. Of course, Aunt Sha likes anything red! Merry Christmas!

  3. Your house looks beautiful!! We have a bow on top our tree too (that I made even :). And I saw that advent calendar at Target and totally thought of you without knowing you had bought it!

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