The Christmas Musical…

Sunday night was the big Christmas Musical.  Jackson was SO nervous all day.  I gave him a pep talk on the way to the church and we prayed together.  As a mom I felt bad that he was so nervous, but I was pretty sure that he would rise to the occasion and do a great job…and he did.  Mackenzie and Tucker did a great job too.  The musical was precious…exactly what you think a classic church Christmas musical should be…

~homemade costumes

~kids singing their hearts out

~missed lines that just add to the cuteness of the whole thing

~little boys voices cracking when they sing

I loved every minute of it.  The director and choreographer did such a wonderful job with the kids.  It was definitely a highlight for me this Christmas season.  Here are a few pictures from the night…

We also shot some video.  They are pretty long so unless you are a grandparent, aunt, or uncle…you may not be interested in watching. ;)  But if you want to get a taste of just how cute the musical was at least watch the opening song on the first video.  The second video is over 20 minutes.  Just a few minutes into the video Jackson’s part begins and lasts for the majority of the rest of the musical.  Mackenzie says a prayer right after the choir sings Isn’t He Beautiful?


And one of the biggest blessings of the night was that ALL three of their teachers came to watch them perform…

I could honestly write a book about the amazing school that my kids go to.  We have been blessed with wonderful teachers every year.  Galen and I were so humbled by the fact that each of these women would take time out of this very busy season to come watch Jack, Mack, and Tuck perform.  It was wonderful to have them there.

And after all of the excitement…Tucker came down with strep throat and Mackenzie has a cold.

As I always say…Never a Dull Moment!!



2 thoughts on “The Christmas Musical…

  1. WE ARE SO PROUD OF ALL 3 OF YOU!!!! What a wonderful job you did telling and singing the story of Christmas! Jackson, so many lines to learn and you spoke them perfectly so everyone knew what the story of Christmas and purpose of Jesus coming was. Great solo too! Mackenzie and Tucker, you knew all the words and actions to all the songs. Great job! Unfortunately, we were not able to see the last 4 minutes of the video so we didn’t get to hear M’s prayer, but it was no doubt flawless :-) Thank you for sharing—we loved it!!!

  2. I tried the video again this morning and got to see the last 4 minutes :-) Mackenzie, that was a beautiful prayer. You did a great job. Tucker, so glad you had your sword to protect all drummer boys in the Christmas program :-)

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