Go Big Red…

Last weekend Galen and I had tickets to watch Nebraska play in the Big 12 Championship.  Even though we had just been home a few days we were happy to get back in the car and drive the 4.5 hours north to Dallas.  Why?  Because it was just Galen and I!!  It is amazing how quickly a trip can go by when you are not making 25 potty stops.  On top of that we had the rare pleasure of choosing what we wanted to listen to and I can guarantee you that it had nothing to do with a girl named Dora or a monkey named Boots!!

A huge thank you to the Cooley’s for taking care of our 4 kiddos.  Our kids had a blast and Bo and Lauren are still our friends even though Luke had them up at 4:30am wanting to have a deep philosophical discussion about the Backyardigans (I’m not kidding).  We owe them big time!!

We arrived at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas around 4:00pm and when we tried to pull into the lot where we were supposed to meet family and friends we were stopped by the parking attendant.  He told us that we could only park there if we had a permit.  The conversation went something like this…

Parking Attendant Guy-  Do you have a permit?  You can only park here if you have a permit.

Galen-  My brother is parked in this lot and he just told me that he paid  $30 cash to park here.  (Galen was NOT happy that we were going to have to pay $30 but that was one of the least expensive lots…we drove by one that was $80!!)

P.A.G.-  Well, that was earlier.  All of my cash attendants are gone.

Galen-  Any chance you could help me out?  We are supposed to meet some family and friends here.

P.A.G.-  Well, can you help me out??

Galen pulls out his wallet and the guy leans closer to our car.

P.A.G.- Pretend like you are handing me something to scan.  Pretend like you are handing me something to scan!

Instead Galen pulls out a twenty…the guy folds it into his hand…steps back…and lets us in.  I can guarantee you that Jerry Jones didn’t see a penny of that money.  ;)

We parked and started looking for my father in law, two brother in laws, and some friends from Hastings.  We found the spot where they were tailgating and within 5 minutes of being there we got a fun surprise.  We got to see our friends Sam and Sherilyn Park!!

It was so great to catch up with them.  It has been at least 3 years since I have seen them so it was so great to actually see and talk to them…not just read about them on their blog or on FB.  Sherilyn and I were screaming like 13 year old girls when we saw each other…ha ha. :)

We tailgated for a little while longer and then we headed into the stadium.  There are no words to describe this stadium…it is amazing!!

Our seats were pretty high up but that didn’t matter because of these enormous screens.  It was so fun to see the sea of red…Nebraska fans are so great about traveling to see their team.

We had a great time even though the outcome of the game was not what we wanted.  It was good to get away for a quick, adults only trip and we were so grateful to Margaret (Lauren’s mom) for letting us stay at her beautiful home.  Galen asked me to drive home so that he could spend 4.5 hours reading all the commentary about the game. He loves his Huskers and he hurts when they hurt…;).

Go Big Red…



4 thoughts on “Go Big Red…

  1. It didn’t matter what time that sweet Luke woke up and started talking about Pablo and Uniqua…we were just impressed that he knew what color they are AND what type of animal they are! And I like the idea of Galen wheeling and dealin’ with the parking attendant in Dallas – hilarious! :)

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