the birthday party…

On Sunday we celebrated Mackenzie’s birthday with a sweet little group of girls.  It was a week after her actual birthday because I was a little behind and needed an extra week to plan it. :)

We went with pink, flowers, and zebra as a theme…those go together right??

My plan for the cake was to give fondant a try (I was inspired by my awesome sister in law),

but I chickened out at the last minute and just went with buttercream. :)

I made these little bags for the party favors and we filled them with girly stuff.

We played a game that was like musical chairs but instead of chairs

we had pieces of paper with different nail polish colors written on them.

Whatever color you landed on was the color that you had one toe from each foot painted…

Our resident party animal…Georgia ;)

Grandma painting nails.

Rainbow toes!!

(Thanks Sara for the great idea!!)

Then the girls made their own lotion.  I bought lotion base at Hobby Lobby and the

girls added scent and color.

When they were done mixing we put the lotion into little bottles and the

girls decorated them with stickers and their initial.

Sweet Reagan and her special lotion. :)

We finished with cake and presents. :)

It was a perfect girly, girly party to celebrate our girly, girl.



One thought on “the birthday party…

  1. I love all the pics! What a fun party – and Georgia is definitely the party animal! :) Love the photo of her living it up! :)

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