It’s 4:45 on Saturday afternoon…

and I’m exhausted.  This week has about done me in….

a stomach bug

a Women’s bible study brunch (that I had to miss but still had things to do to prepare for it)

a Nursery Rhyme Parade for Tucker (more costume drama)

multiple headaches

2 craft fairs

and of course my endless laundry piles.

I feel like I could sleep for days.

It was poor Mackenzie who came down with a stomach bug.

It was Monday night and it wasn’t pretty.  She ran a fever all day Tuesday and so even though she woke up feeling better on Wednesday I had to keep her home from school until she was 24 hours fever free.  By Thursday morning she was ready to get out of the house, I was ready to get out of the house and Luke was REALLY ready to get out of the house.  We were a little stir crazy!!

I sent the kiddos off to school, took Luke to his Thursday Mom’s Day Out, did my volunteer work at the school, and was REALLY looking forward to a lunch date with Melanie and Natalie.  I was ready for some adult conversation!!  I had just sat down with my food when I noticed that I had a message on my phone.  It was the school nurse…Mackenzie was in the nurse’s office complaining that her stomach hurt and they were needing me to come pick her up.  I could not believe it!!  I wanted to cry!!  I know it is totally selfish but I just wanted to eat my lunch and enjoy my time with friends!!  I inhaled my lunch and went to pick Mackenzie up from school.

After being home for about 30 minutes I noticed that she was acting 100% fine!  She even thought that she should be able to go to her dance class that afternoon.  I reminded her that if she was too sick to stay at school then she was too sick to do anything else but stay at home.  I asked her if she was truly not feeling good at school.  She said yes, but I could tell that she was bothered by my question.

Well,  later that evening I was sitting at the kitchen table and she asked if she could talk to me about something.  I said “of course” and then the whole story came out…

While she was at school that morning her teacher told the class that she was going to be out of town on Friday and that they were going to have a substitute.  She told the class who their substitute was going to be and it was then that Mackenzie decided that she was “sick”.  Apparently they have had this particular substitute before.  The last time she was there the class was having a hard time following the rules and so the sub had to raise her voice and she made the whole class put their heads down on their desks.  Mackenzie did not like this AT ALL…especially because when they had to put their heads down she was not able to finish a project that she was working on.  So, she decided that if she went home sick on Thursday then she wouldn’t have to go to school on Friday.  Nice plan sister…:)

Well, I told her that I appreciated her being honest with me and that we were going to have to talk to Daddy about it when he was done with work.  We did have a talk and the bottom line is that Mackenzie is just an extremely sensitive little girl…she does not like conflict and really does not like change…you put those two together and she just kinda panics.  We told her that she was going to have to go to school on Friday and we encouraged her to be the best helper that she could be for the substitute.  We also told her to make sure that she was listening to and obeying the teacher.  That was all that she could do…she was not responsible for how the rest of the class behaved.  There were some tears that night but she bravely went off to school the next morning.

When I picked her up Friday afternoon she was all smiles.  She had survived…even had a good day…

and nobody had to put their heads down on their desks. ;)





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