Halloween 2010…

Mario and Luigi

The Dinosaur…

he was supposed to be Yoshi the dinosaur from Mario Bros but that is a whole other story. :)


The Beautiful Mexican Dancer :)

The crew with their Minnie Mouse Mommy :)

Looks like the picture perfect Halloween right??  Well, here is the rest of the story…

~I woke up with a migraine and battled it all day.

~Mackenzie…who insisted for a month that she wanted to be a Mexican Dancer…decided at 4pm that she did not like her costume…grrrr.  She did not like the shirt that I had just spent an hour making and so we compromised and she just wore her black leotard.  I overheard her later telling one of her friends that she wished that she was something different.  She chose not to go trick or treating…oh the drama.

~The boys did not like that I painted their mustaches on their face and Jackson did not like that his costume was a one piece because it was just too hot!  I told him next year that I would be sure to find him a two piece costume…I mean what was I thinking this year??  Where are my priorities??  Goodness gracious!!

~Luke was supposed to be Yoshi to go along with the Mario Bros theme.  I could not find a Yoshi costume for him so I just found a really inexpensive dinosaur costume that I was going to alter to look a little more like Yoshi.  Well…see above comment about Mackenzie…which means I ran out of time and couldn’t do anything to Luke’s costume.  Luckily he didn’t care and still looked so cute.  However…this is what he looked like when he discovered that he couldn’t open EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF CANDY in his bucket…

I am actually laughing now that I am writing it all out…and I got a good night’s rest…and I finally got rid of my headache!

And now to figure out what to do with all this candy…:)



7 thoughts on “Halloween 2010…

  1. I love it! They look great and I’m just impressed that you have time to sew costumes!! Can’t wait to see you:)

  2. A picture is worth a thousand words but it doesn’t always tell the whole story! :-) In a couple of years you probably won’t even remember the drama just the cuteness and you all look REALLY cute!!

  3. I had one of my girls decide 2 hours before we were going to leave that she wanted to change her costume and make it from scratch. She didn’t really ask, she just went to work cutting, painting and taping. In the end, she finished in time and was happy with what she had. I just had to let her do it (not my strong suit). It really was paper, paint and duct tape. But, to her, she was a cat :) Oh my. The Halloween drama.

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