Class of 1994…

I’ve been reminiscing about high school quite a bit this week.  It all started with a postcard that I received from the Alumni Office inviting me to the Homecoming game this weekend.  (I’d be there in a heartbeat if I didn’t live so far away.) ;)  Then I got a very sweet email from one of my former teachers.  She was my speech teacher and also coached me for a few speech competitions that I entered.  It was so fun to hear from her!  Her two kids that were itty bitty the last time I saw them are now a sophmore in college and a junior in high school…Yeah, I feel OLD!!  And then yesterday I decided to clean out a trunk in my living room and inside it I found a whole bunch of things that I had saved from high school.  Including this….

My letterman jacket.  I’m sure you are wondering what sport I lettered in.  The answer… Cheerleading. :)  Go ahead and laugh.  I think it is pretty funny too.  But that is not the funniest part about this jacket.  This pin that I wore on my jacket is the funniest part…

Am I Cute or Am I Cute?…Lord have mercy!  Apparently my little seventeen year old self was not suffering from any self esteem issues!  It makes me want to cringe…:)  LOL

And here I am in all my athletic glory with my high school BFF Donelle.  Good times…really good times. :)



9 thoughts on “Class of 1994…

  1. Hah! So funny. I just recently had out my HS letter jacket (softball) to get some Beatles pins off it for Layton’s musical production (your Minnie Mouses reminded me). And I had a pin on my jacket that read something to the effect of, “If I open my mind too far, my brain might fall out” :) Lovely, no? My sarcasm was at its pinnacle in those days! -DTHS, Class of ’96

  2. I love that pin! I think you should put one on Luke’s backpack that says, “I’m awesome!” Hilarious – and you still look the same! Amazing!

  3. Love it!

    Made me go back to find my old pics from high school. Class of 1986 – wow! Found some funny ones from ‘ahem’ 24 yrs ago!

  4. Oh, Jenn, you are so cute! LOL! I love it! I am also a member of the class of ’94. I had forgotten we had that in common.

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