so much to blog about…

We had such a great week last week.  My wonderful in-laws came to visit…

We really enjoyed our time together.  We were enjoying it so much that I kept forgetting to take pictures! :)  We had a great four days together and we were sad to have to say goodbye.  Our time together is never long enough!!

While they were here we celebrated this little guy’s second birthday…

Luke’s actual birthday is on the 16th but we decided to celebrate a little early and do a combo party with his buddy Reagan…

My mother in law made them coordinating outfits for the party.  I know I am completely biased…but they are so stinkin cute!:)  The second picture cracks me up.  I think it says “I’m Two” loud and clear. :)

We had the party at McDonalds and at one point I found Luke in a corner…he had climbed into a high chair and couldn’t get out. :)

It was a great party…simple, low key, and Luke and Reagan each got their own cake. ;)  Natalie and I had fun doing the party together and the best part was that we left all of the mess there!!  A HUGE thanks to Breanna for taking all the awesome pictures!!

It was a great celebration and…I can’t believe my baby is two!!



6 thoughts on “so much to blog about…

  1. So much to comment on….glad you had fun with your in-laws, those outfits are the cutest!!, where did that two years go?? Happy Birthday Luke!!

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