a sneak peek…

at some of the little goodies I have been working on for a craft fair this weekend…

They are called Team Tutus and they have been so much fun to make!  Football is BIG here in Texas and so I am making tutus in the colors of UT, A&M, Texas Tech, and Baylor.  Each tutu also has a coordinating shirt.

Of course no daughter of Galen could ever wear anything but Husker red so I made one especially for her. ;)  The cute little girl in the A&M tutu is my friend Melanie’s daughter Caroline.  We had a fun little photo shoot with her and Mackenzie.

Looking forward to Saturday!


p.s.  the white thread that I just noticed on Mack’s shirt is driving me crazy!!


9 thoughts on “a sneak peek…

  1. okay, might just have to buy one of these and have it sent to Omaha.=) Rachel is really into tutu’s and NU football lately. She has been running around the house cheering for the Huskers, so cute. As usually, you make us smile with your creativity. =)

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