I was sharing with Galen tonight that I am struggling with a restlessness in my spirit.  I cannot quite put a finger on it…just an overall restless feeling…maybe a prompting from the Lord to re-evalute priorities…maybe just a settling in to this new stage of life with three kids in school.  I guess it could be a lot of things but I know that the answer is to seek Him in His word and in prayer.

As I was talking with Galen the Lord brought to mind this song…such a beautiful reminder that He is faithful…always present in every season of our life…

seeking His peace…



2 thoughts on “restless

  1. That was beautiful Jennifer. I’ve had the same restlessness this year. When things change in our everyday lives that we are identified by (or so we feel that way), trying to redefine ourselves to ourselves can be challenging. Praying for your new season :) Praises to Father for his everlasting presence.

  2. I had forgotten that song, but it’s so… powerful. Praying for you through this season. I can really relate to what you’re feeling. I struggle with that a lot. But going to God changes things!

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