a new room for Miss Mackenzie…

~My project for the last two weekends~

The fabric pinwheels are something that I saw on a blog months ago.  I bought the supplies and never made them.  I needed something large to fill this wall and knew that these would be perfect.  I love the way they turned out and the best part is that they were SO easy!  The turquoise desk is hands down my favorite piece in her room.  I found it at a garage sale for $15.  It was in pretty bad shape, but my awesome mom transformed it into something beautiful.  I think she lost track of how many layers of paint she sanded through. :)  I knew I wanted glass knobs and I found the perfect ones at anthropologie.  (I LOVE that store…I want to live there.:)

We moved the queen sized bed out and brought the trundle bed back in. :)  I brought back out her original bedding too.  I want to buy her a new quilt but I need to save my pennies first.

I am going to add one more picture (of Mackenzie and Luke) to the left corner.  Found all of the M’s on sale for 50% off at Hobby Lobby.   The picture of Mackenzie in the middle is one of my favorites. :)

I am looking for one more decorative piece to put on top of her dresser.  I love how clean it looks right now and don’t want to clutter it up!  I made the Love sign using an old book, scrapbook paper, ribbon, a wooden fence cut out, and some vinyl letters.  This was my favorite kind of project because I had everything on hand and so this project cost me $0.00. :)

The best part was seeing her face when she walked in this afternoon.  She loved it and I am so excited for her to enjoy her new room!!

Now onto my next project…Jackson’s room.  We are moving Luke in with Tucker and giving Jackson his own room.  He can’t wait!



10 thoughts on “a new room for Miss Mackenzie…

  1. Oh my word, Jenn – it’ prettier than I imagined! I love it, and I LOVE the pinwheels! Can’t wait to see it in person…

  2. any girl would love to live there–it’s lovely Jenn.

    told some mexico stories to my daughter yesterday–talked about you and your dear parents…

  3. It’s SO awesome Jenn! I love how those fabric pinwheels turned out…you did a great job!! Now I’m inspired to make them, especially since I’ve had the supplies for it for the last 8 months!

  4. Jenn! I love this room and if you move into anthropologie can I be your roommate? I love that store too!! :]

  5. I love it! Mackenzie has the PERFECT girls room! The desk is awesome, and I LOVE all of the accessories/accents. That’s the part that I’m bad at when it comes to decorating :)

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