some first week of school funnies…

~While talking to Jackson about folder marks (the way we know if there has been a discipline issue at school) I said…

“You haven’t had a folder mark since Kindergarten.  Let’s keep that up and have another great year.”

And he responded, “I was so young back then, and I just didn’t know very much.”  :)

~On the second morning of school while I was packing Tucker’s lunch Luke walks up to me and says…

“Mama, I want go to school.”

Apparently one day alone with me was enough. :)

~When we asked Tucker what he thought about Kindergarten he said…

“It’s ok but there is just SO much hard work!!”

~Mackenzie was talking about a little boy at school and how he doesn’t talk very much and she said…

“He’s kinda like Ferb…he’s more of a man of action.” :)

If your kids watch Phineas and Ferb you will know exactly what she meant. :)

Today, however, was not such a funny day.  Both Mackenzie and Tucker had a hard time this morning.  Neither one of them wanted to go to school.  There were lots of tears from Mackenzie and after an email from her teacher I ended up going to the school to have lunch with her.  She seemed to be doing a lot better when I left and her teacher said she had a good afternoon.  I think the newness has worn off for both of them and the reality has set in…I know they will be fine…but it is so hard to see your kids so sad.  Praying tomorrow is a better day for both of them…



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