Last Sunday night…

I was anticipating the first day of school…telling myself that I would not cry when I dropped Tucker off for his first day of Kindergarten. ;)  Tonight I sit here…one week later and we have survived the first week of school.  There were tears on the first day.  I just couldn’t help it.  I got down on my knees to give Tucker a hug before he walked into class and there was an immediate lump in my throat.  The tears came next and they didn’t stop until we got to the restaurant that we were meeting the Cooleys at for breakfast.   As I have thought about this week I have realized that my tears were not because of sadness, but because getting to where we are today is a real reminder of the Lord’s faithfulness to me…and I am so grateful.

When Tucker was born Jackson was 3 and Mackenzie was 15 months.  I was sleep deprived, overwhelmed, exhausted, trying to juggle my family and some ministry responsibilities.  There were many days that I was miserable.  I feel guilty even writing those words…but they are the truth.  When Tucker was about 6 months old we began to feel the Lord leading us to leave Nebraska and move to Texas.  In the months that followed we began to pursue the move and with three small children, the reality of a big move, leaving friends and family, having to start over…my anxiety hit an all time high.  There were some really dark days all while I was trying to take care of three small children.  I can honestly remember dreaming about the day when they would all be in school and I would actually have a moment to myself…to think…and maybe do my hair. ;)  Most of those days I was just trying to survive.

Well, in the four years that followed those difficult months we have not only survived but have actually had a wonderful time living life, growing together as a family, making wonderful memories.  And almost two years ago the Lord’s answer to what I would do with all my free time when Jack, Mack, and Tuck went off to school was born. ;)  Luke is more evidence of the Lord’s faithfulness because I am not ready to not have anyone at home with me…I thought I would be but the Lord knew better…He always does.

So as I watched my sweet red head walk into his classroom my heart was so thankful…so. very. thankful. for my faithful God.  He has been so good to me…

Tucker and Ms. Wilson…he is our third child to have the privilege of being in her class…we LOVE her!!

Mackenzie and Mrs. Negrete :)

Jackson and Mrs. Jenn :)

Looking forward to the second week…



5 thoughts on “Last Sunday night…

  1. jenn. seriously, your kids are SO incredibly cute. Your family could be a gapkids ad. :0) Loved reading your reflection, and loved seeing your parents in the pictures too.

  2. This made me cry ,friend. It was so beautifully written and I feel like I lived a lot of this with you. I thought about your year in Omaha as MOPS coordinator and all you went through while having 3 very young children. You were such a dear friend to me during that time as well, which is truly amazing that you continued to minister to your friends in the midst of survival-mode. You did survive! And God has been so faithful. You and Galen have been faithful as well. I’m sad too that I don’t get to continue living day-to-day life with you and your family. God in his sovereignty saw it fit for us to be together at a time in my life when I needed deep/authentic friendship the most. So thankful for you today . . . I really want to get together soon. Love you!

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