girls weekend…

So last weekend was our long awaited girls weekend.  On Friday morning Mackenzie and I packed up the car and headed north.  Our final destination was Dallas and since we were not in a hurry we decided to take the scenic route.  Highway 281 is a beautiful drive through lots of small, quaint towns…much prettier than the I-35 route that we normally take.

Our first stop was Hico, TX and the Koffee Kup Cafe.

We enjoyed a nice lunch and then we walked across the street to a little chocolate shop.

It was such a cute shop.  I loved their Open sign…

And I would have enjoyed a cup except for the fact that it was August…in South Texas…and it was one million degrees. ;)

We got back on the road and after fighting some Dallas traffic we made it to the lovely Dallas Galleria.  We headed straight to a nail salon and I introduced my daughter to one of the best parts of being a girl…pedicures.

We did a little back to school shopping, ate dinner, and then checked in to our hotel.  After an evening swim we went to bed..excited about the next morning and our trip to the American Girl store. :)

After we got ready the next morning I was ready to give Mackenzie her “big surprise”.  I had saved up enough money for Mackenzie to buy another American Girl doll.  I wrote her a note to tell her and had her open it before we left for breakfast.  Well, I have to say it wasn’t the reaction I was expecting.  She read the note and said…”but can I get an outfit too”?  Seriously??  I thought she would be jumping up and down!!  Oh well, I didn’t take it to personally and I told her that we could make a decision when we got to the store.  :)

I set up my camera and took a picture with the timer of the two of us before we left.  Mackenzie’s hat was her favorite purchase from the night before…

And then the unthinkable happened…my camera battery died and I didn’t have my charger!!  And this is reason number 2,567 that I love my new iphone…it has a decent camera.  So the rest of my pictures are all from my phone and I am SO thankful for them!

We packed up, got in the car, and headed our for breakfast.  Mackenzie’s choice??  Starbucks, of course…

And then…the American Girl Store…

She brought Mia along for the fun.  When we got inside I told her that I had a certain amount of money to spend and that she could either spend it on a doll or she could use it to buy several smaller things.  So we walked around, and looked, and looked…

but in the end she decided on a doll.   She chose Lanie, the 2010 doll of the year.  Here is a picture of the happy girl and her dolls…

We got Mia’s hair done at the doll salon (over the top…I know ;) and then we had lunch at the American Girl Bistro.

After lunch we got in the car and started our trip back home.  We had a great time and I am so glad that we did this.  The funny thing is that as much fun as Mackenzie had being on her own…I honestly don’t think she knows how to live life without her brothers. ;)  The 4 1/2 hour car ride was extra long without anyone to fight with and conversation at meal time was a little sparse because she is so used to having to fight to get a word in.  LOL

It was a wonderful time with my girl..we will definitely do it again…but both of us were very happy to get home to “our boys.”



8 thoughts on “girls weekend…

  1. So fun – Mackenzie looks so grown up with her cute short haircut peeking out from beneath her sparkly hat! So darling! Looks like y’all had a wonderful time…so fun with just girls. :)

  2. So glad you two had this special time! Looks like you had a blast doing the fun girly things… we still do not grow out of!! Love you all!

  3. Girl time is always so fun! That first picture of Mack at the nail salon is BEAUTIFUL and she looks so much older than the little bitty girl she used to be! Glad you ladies had a fun time!

  4. (hit enter too quick)

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Mack looks so happy and smiles like the special girl she is :)

  5. Girl weekends are the greatest! Looking forward to ours in September with Courtney, her cousin Justine,Aunt Pam and myself:) Here we come Kansas City! So happy to see you and Mackenzie made such wonderful memories.

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