our baby loves to dance…

Luke LOVES the game Just Dance for the Wii.  He will come up to me in the middle of the day with the Wii remote and say, “I want to dance.” :)  I got some video of him talking about his favorite songs…


p.s.  I’m sorry that you had to hear me sing. ;)


10 thoughts on “our baby loves to dance…

  1. I like the “um….hmmm”, too – so precious that he taps his lips and nose! What a little verbal man you have, and he does have some killer moves! He gets that from his momma! :)

  2. Oh, and I also have to give to Galen a hard time for ignoring his precious son during his performance – what was he doing on his laptop that could be more important! Goodness! :)

  3. Oh Tuckie! You are so good!! We just love to watch you dance….makes us want to catch the next flight to San Antonio :-) Love you all bunches!

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