Tuck and the motorcycle…

This is Jeff…

Jeff’s daughter Courtney lived with us for a month while she was observing a charter school not too far from where we live.  We met Jeff when he drove Courtney down to Texas from Nebraska. As you can see Jeff is a red head and he ended up having a special place in his heart for a certain little red head.  Ever since Courtney lived with us we try and see her when we are back in Nebraska and a couple of times we have been able to see her mom and dad too. :)

The last time that we were there Courtney and her parents came to see us when we were at the park having a picnic…and Jeff brought his motorcycle. :)  Tucker was just a little excited and Jeff was very kind and let Tuck try on his helmet and get on his motorcycle.

He had so much fun!!

Courtney and Tricia…I know you read my blog and I just wanted to say “thank you”.  Your family is so sweet and we always enjoy seeing you!  Tell Jeff that Tucker says “hi”. :)



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