my girl…

  • I like to tell her that she has “grown” at least 12 new freckles every day this Summer. :)
  • She can get Luke out of his crib…downstairs…into his booster seat…and give him breakfast.
  • In a pinch she can change his diaper.
  • She LOVES music and is already planning to be on the VBS praise team…NEXT Summer. :)
  • She loves fashion…the problem is that it doesn’t always match my sense of fashion…I’m learning to choose my battles.
  • She is little.  I don’t really realize it until we are around other girls her age and I see how small she is.
  • We have been planning a girls weekend all Summer and a week from Friday we finally leave.  Dallas…here we come!  The American girl store, Starbucks, getting our nails done, and a BIG surprise that I cannot wait to give her!  I’m not sure which one of us is more excited!

So thankful for my girl…



5 thoughts on “my girl…

  1. Oh, I love having a girl too. Mine is so big now, but we still love doing girly-stuff together. She’s beautiful and I love the freckles!!

    Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend together!

  2. What a sweet and beautiful young lady!! You girls will have so much fun!! We look forward to hearing about the BIG surprise. Love you both so much! Hope you have a memorable time.

  3. I hope you always have the wonderful connection with your girl as I do with my grown up one:) Daughters make the best friends.

  4. I love her freckles too! She is one beautiful lady like her mom! Hope it is a great time in Dallas and look forward to hearing about the big surprise too! Love you!

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