a reminder…

Last Summer I had a few people ask me to remind them about our  Back to School Dinner in time for them to do one with their own family.  So here is a reminder along with how we do our dinner.  This is what has worked for us…adjust according to what you think your family will enjoy. :)

Step 1:

Choose a night before school begins to have dinner together as a family.

Step 2:

Plan a menu.  I try my best to pick a meal that everybody enjoys…no small task in this house…but I give it my best shot. ;)   Dessert is a must and so is Sparkling Grape Juice…don’t forget the Sparkling Grape juice!

Step 3:  On the day of…

Set the table.  Do it fancy…tablecloth, real dishes, real silverware, glass cups or goblets (my kids LOVE the fact that I let them drink out of fancy cups.  My goblets are from the dollar store so if they break…no big deal!).  I put flowers and candles on the table to add a little something special.

Step 4:

The little details…

We pick a family verse for the year.  This year it was…

I put of copy of the verse at each place setting.  We talk about the verse and tell the kids that this is something that we want to focus on throughout the year.  This year’s verse was great because it was an easy to remind the kids just by saying, “Don’t forget to let your light shine.” Galen reminded Jackson and Mackenzie every morning as he was dropping them off at school.

We also set goals for the year…

We talk about what goals are and then we let the kids set a goal for themselves.  Galen and I set goals too.  We also have fun reading the goals from the previous year.  This year I am going to get a special box to keep our goals in.

Each one of the kids will already know who their teacher is by the time we have our dinner so we write each teacher’s name on a piece of paper…

and then we have the kids decide on a couple of things they want to pray about for their teachers.

We pray together as a family and then…

Galen gives a toast to the “best looking kids in all of Texas.”  We clink glasses and say “cheers”…I’m pretty sure this is their favorite part.

Then we have dessert. :)

This is one of my favorite things that we do as a family.  I really look forward to it.  The kids love it and I think it is a great way to start off the school year.

Let me know if any of you decide to do one too…I would LOVE to see pictures!!



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