me and my brothers…

These poor guys had to put up with me…Ms. Bossy…their entire childhood.  I would forget on a regular basis that they already had a mom and that she was doing a great job. My input and advice was really not necessary. ;)   They survived and they still love me.  I love each one of them so much and I am so grateful for the time we just had together.  My sister in law Marie had the idea to get a picture of all of us…I am SO glad that she did.



7 thoughts on “me and my brothers…

  1. oh Jen…how I want to find that old family picture of you and compare…who’s who? I know the one on the far right is the youngest…Jacob?…he was just a baby in 86.

    Great, great picture.

  2. I’m so happy to see this picture. It’s good to see you all together. Now I can have more of a visual when you talk about your brothers.

  3. What a treasure! It is great to see you all together and that your time together was so memorable!

  4. Jenn –
    I love this picture of you and the three sons you raised back in the 70s and 80s! Y’all sure turned out to be a good looking bunch, and I’m sure raising the three of them gave you practice for the future three sons! :)

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