homemade tortillas…

One of my favorite childhood memories is making homemade tortillas with my grandma.  My grandma would pull up a chair and I would stand at her cutting board and help her roll out the little circles.  The smell of the fresh tortillas cooking was the best…eating the fresh tortilla with melted butter was even better. :)

My mom has continued that tradition with my kids and they love it.  She decided to make that one of the fun things to do with the kids while we were at the River.  One of the most important things for making tortillas is the rolling pin and with 7 kids my mom knew that it was going to be hard for everyone to wait to have a turn.  So my mom and dad made each child their own rolling pin…

…aren’t they so cute??  My dad cut them out of dowels and then my mom painted them.  The kids LOVED them and they each got to take one home. :)

They had a great time making their tortillas…

Of course there had to be a little bit of this…

complete with Luke throwing his rolling pin across the room…but that’s life. ;)

But eating a yummy, homemade tortilla seemed to make everything all better. :)

I’m so thankful for this great memory for my kids.  My parents are so wonderful at being intentional with the time they spend with their grandkids.  We are so blessed…:)



2 thoughts on “homemade tortillas…

  1. Jenn – just logged on after several days offline, and I’m so glad I did! I love the tradition of tortilla making being passed down, and I love the little mini rolling pins your mom and dad made…a treasure. You mom’s painting on them was so cute – now I know where her crafty daughter gets it!
    And I loved your last post, too – Galen’s shorts? HILARIOUS! He is so crazy!

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