a first…

So this Summer is the first Summer where I have four kids at home and a husband who works from home. I knew that it was going to be interesting trying to keep the noise level down enough for Galen to work. So because of that and because I really wanted to avoid hearing “I’m bored” as much as possible….I sat down last weekend and came up with a Summer schedule. I printed out June, July, and August calendars and first started with anything that we had already signed up for…Swim team, swim lessons and music lessons. Then I brainstormed a list of things that we can do on a regular basis that are free, have a minimal cost, or something that we have a pass for. My list included things like the Library, swimming pool, the zoo, free movies, etc… I also came up with some things that we can do at home like a craft day or a cooking day. I started writing things on the calendar and before you know if I had a good little schedule planned for the rest of the Summer.
At breakfast on Monday I showed the kids the calendar and let them know some of the fun things that we are going to be doing and that they could expect certain things on certain days (like the Library on Monday and lunch and swimming at our neighborhood pool on Fridays). They LOVED it! Especially Mackenzie since she shares my love for lists and calendars and schedules. ;)

Well, we  have had a great first official week of Summer and today was the day that the kids were looking forward to all week because today was “Cooking Day.” They love to cook with me, but I have to admit that I don’t always share their enthusiasm for wanting to help me. ;)   But I decided to set aside this morning for all of us to cook something together. When I asked them what they wanted to cook they all said, “donuts”!   Their favorite “donuts” are just refrigerated biscuits that we poke a hole in and then deep fry in a little oil. Their favorite part is rolling them in powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar when they are done cooking. :)

The hardest part was not wanting to eat them all myself.

~happy summer…



5 thoughts on “a first…

  1. How fun! I did that last summer, but this summer I’ve been a little lazy. I need to get some plans in the works… for all of our sanity. :)

  2. Great ideas. We have the same issue here–but only three noisemakers. So far, so okayish. Rebekah is already trained to be quiet and does well. The older two are in training. They do well most of the time. Currently, the doorbell is my biggest nemisis. Neighbor kids looking to play. It screams, “I work from home” if you’re on a conference call. I may have to temporarily put a ‘doorbell broken’ or ‘please knock instead’ sign up for summer.

    We need to be more intentional about our summer and schedule, but at themoment, I’m enjoying the freedom of a lack of schedule. :-)

    I’ll be praying for you this summer!

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