Luke and his shapes…

Here is a little video of Luke identifying his shapes. He loves shapes and loves this little workbook that my mom found for him…

I know this is a slightly annoying “look what my kid can do” video, but I thought the grandparents and aunts and uncles would like it. :) LOL


6 thoughts on “Luke and his shapes…

  1. He is so cute and grown up! I can hardly believe he’s talking and saying hexagon and diamond. So fun. Love the new technology of videos you’ve added to your blog. Hope all is well.

  2. Luke is amazing and what fun to watch and listen. I also looked back on previous posts. You are wonderful at writing and I enjoy reading all of them. I especially enjoyed the ABC of motherhood. Jeff continues to have a special place for Tucker:)

  3. He is too cute…. and amazingly smart! He is so clear with his words too. Can’t wait to hear it first hand in a couple weeks! Thanks for sharing with family that misses that daily stuff too:)

  4. CUUUUUTE!!! What a bright little 1 year old he is!! So fun to see this. My favorite was “rectangle.” :)

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