When you were born I became something more,

a mom of one, then two , then three, then four.

When you were born, I hope, I became something less,

less selfish,

less judgemental,

less afraid of a mess. ;)

When the days are fun and exciting…full of things that are new,

I want to be mindful that it is a privilege to spend them with you.


When the days are mundane…full of the necessary but not so fun,

I want to be mindful that these days are still a gift with you…

each and every one.

It had been a long day.  My heart was heavy…nothing especially dramatic…just life.  I walked up the stairs exhausted and very ready for bed.  I started making the rounds into each of the kid’s rooms to check on them.  I walked into Luke’s room first and the sight of him sleeping in his crib so peacefully brought tears to my eyes and I began to cry.  I went to Mackenzie’s room next and the tears kept flowing.  They were tears that I know all moms can understand.  Tears of love, fear, joy, excitement, awe, guilt, etc…  Then I walked into Jackson and Tucker’s room…I touched Tucker’s curls and then I stood on my tiptoes to peek at Jackson on the top bunk.  At this point the tears were just pouring down because it felt like only  yesterday that Jackson was around Luke’s age and I tried to take him into a big swimming pool for the first time.  He cried and clung to me so afraid.  And now he is eight and  just that afternoon I watched him dive off the blocks at swim team practice and swim freestyle across the pool.  Where did the last eight years go?

I crawled into bed and began to pray for my kids and to thank the Lord for lending them to me.  The words above started running through my head and I felt the Lord reminding me once again to enjoy my children.  To enjoy every day with them…because if the next eight years go by as fast as the last eight…in the blink of an eye I am going to have 3 teenagers and a pre-teen. :)



6 thoughts on “when…

  1. Thank you for this post, Jenn. What a wonderful reminder – we, as mommies, have been so very blessed. :)

  2. I can relate and it convicts me of how much I take my kids and the time I have with them for granted. Praying to be a mom more like He wants me to be. xoxo, M.

  3. MY tears are flowing now! Thank you so much for your psot and the reminder to me to enjoy each day… even the really hard ones. I love you and can’t wait to see you!

  4. Thanks for sharing that Jenn! That’s such a good reminder to enjoy our kids every day. We absolutely love checking on them when they are sleeping. The thought of Ace and Rome as teenagers is exciting and sobering at the same time. I want to go hug them now.

  5. Wow, this made me teary-eyed. I’m going to have to re-read this post 2 weeks, a month, and 2 months from now when the kids are bored at home and missing all the fun and excitement from school and I’m counting the days until they head back to school and I get my “breaks”.

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