This conversation took place today while I was trying to put Luke in his carseat and he was throwing a fit…

Me:  Luke, you need to stop being such a booger.  (I know…such wisdom and maturity in my parenting.  I recently had two friends tell me that they look up to me as a mom…I’m pretty sure they are going to want to find a new role model… ;)

Tucker:  Booger??  Why are you calling him a booger?

Me:  Oh Tuck…I’m just teasing him.

Tucker:  Teasing him??  Well, it is not very nice to tease Mommy.

Me:  You’re right Tuck…you’re right.

Nothing like getting advice from your 5 year old to keep you humble.



One thought on “Conversation…

  1. Hilarious! Ready for my great parenting skills – Georgia was “fake” crying at lunch today, and we were all pretty tired of it.
    So, at the end of lunch, she said, “Mommy, I don’t like when you say river.”
    And I said, “What? I didn’t say river to you”
    Then she said, “When you say, ‘Cry me a river!'”
    Wow – didn’t really think she heard me say that – it just came out. And it didn’t slow down the loud crying for a moment.
    That’s right – proud mama moment over here. (Just don’t tell Tucker – he wouldn’t think that was very nice.) :)

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