Will you pray?

For Rachel…

Rachel’s mom is my friend Tiffany.  Tiffany was one of my first friends when we moved to Omaha.  We were in a Bible study together with a handful of other ladies.  We used to meet at Tiffany’s house and she quickly became a dear friend.  We were pregnant at the same time and had our oldest boys just a few months apart.  Tiffany and her husband Paul now have 4 kids…two boys and two girls.  Rachel is their third child and Rachel was born with Cystic Fibrosis.  The plate that she is holding in the picture is full of the medicine that she has to take every day.  The blue and white capsules on the left are enzymes that help Rachel to absorb the nutrients in her food.  These enzymes are essential for Rachel and right now they are having an extremely difficult time getting the necessary enzymes because of some issues with the FDA.  Tiffany does a much better job of explaining the situation so please take a minute to read her blog.

I certainly don’t have a blog with thousands of followers, but I know I have enough for a small “army of prayer warriors”.  So will you join me and pray for Rachel?  Will you pray for Tiffany and Paul?  Will you pray for the situation with the FDA?  Because we know that our God is greater and bigger than the FDA.  Will you stop what you are doing right now and pray?  The Lord “knit Rachel together in her mother’s womb” and knows every detail.  He has an incredible plan for her life and for her family.

Paul and Tiffany are amazing parents who are full of faith in God and trust Him for every detail as they walk this journey.  The Lord asks us to “bear one another’s burdens”…that is what I want to do.

Thank you…



3 thoughts on “Will you pray?

  1. Praying for sweet little Rachel, Jenn…I know I take my kid’s health for granted every day. Praying for her family, the FDA regulations, and the doctors, too.

  2. Thank you Jenn for your prayers. It really does mean a lot. THis has been a tough week. Last night Paul prayed with the kids and it was so sweet to hear them understand the gravity of the situation as well as the knowledge that it was God, and God alone that could accomplish the seemingly impossible. Praise the Lord for sweet kiddos that allowed me to make a hundred phone calls yesterday AND still did there homework independent of my help. God is good in so many ways.

    I still have to make some more phone calls this morning, but I am hopeful that we are on the right track. I am waiting to hear if insurance will help with any of it. We are also hopeful that we can get more than a months supply, (so we don’t have to do this same thing again next month- there are only 15 bottles left at this one company then they are gone).

    Anyway, thank you for the prayers. God is good and his love endures forever!!

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