the rudest woman I have ever met…

…was in the parking lot at Sam’s Club today.  I met Lauren there today because she needed something from Sams and she doesn’t have a membership.  We met in the parking lot and unloaded the babies, Evelyn and Luke and the big kids, Georgia and Tucker.  :)  We started making our way up the parking lot aisle toward the store.  A car started to back up and Georgia was about to run right behind it.  I quickly grabbed Georgia’s hand and pulled her towards me.  I made eye contact with the woman in the car and she gave me a “not so nice” look but I really didn’t think twice about it.  Well, we kept walking and she proceeded to back out behind us.

We were almost to the store when we heard someone honking behind us.  Lauren and I turned around and it is the same lady!  She is motioning (very rudely) for us to move over.  We cannot believe what we are seeing but we move our four small children over to one side and she proceeds to drive past us.  When she gets close enough for us to see her she puts her finger to her temple and mouths “think” to Lauren and I!!  We were in complete shock.  I actually walked toward her car to have a conversation with her but she did not roll down her window.  It is probably better that she didn’t because I am a Christian and I don’t think anything that would have come out of my mouth would have been good for my testimony!  (and Lauren would have been scared to ever run an errand with me again!! ;)

We kept walking…beyond irritated and frustrated and I said to Lauren, “That is the rudest woman I have ever met.”  I didn’t really think that Georgia and Tucker were even listening to our conversation, but a few minutes later I hear Georgia tell Tucker, “That is the rudest woman I have ever met!” :)

Sorry Lauren…sorry Bo…Aunt Jenn is a bad influence.

And if you see a woman in a champagne colored Mercedes…watch out…and don’t forget to “think.”



3 thoughts on “the rudest woman I have ever met…

  1. Jenn ~
    I am truly laughing out loud because that woman was really that rude! I was so confused that I didn’t even realize exactly what she was doing with her hand to her head, telling us to “think” until she was passing us. I actually was having a difficult time making decisions in the store because of that rude lady made me so mad! And no, Jenn – I definitely don’t think you’re a bad influence – I was impressed that you would be willing to stand up for yourself! I wish I had the guts to do that – thanks again for taking us! :0

  2. Holy cow. It would have shaken me up too! I have had to learn to stand up to rude people. Especially bullying kids on the playground and speaking to their parents about it. Geez. Sorry you had to go through that!

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