We are just trying to keep things interesting…

About 1:45 today I got a call from the nurse at Jackson and Mackenzie’s school.  She told me that Mackenzie had fallen in the classroom and had hurt her arm.  She said that she was very upset and was complaining about being in a lot of pain!  I asked to talk to her on the phone and the minute I heard her I knew that something was wrong.  She was so upset.  I left immediately to go and pick her up.  Thursday is my carpool day but I managed to work things out and get my children and everyone else’s children where they needed to be. ;)

While I was driving I called the pediatrician and they were able to give me an appointment.  This whole time Mackenzie was still very upset… afraid to extend her arm completely…but by the time we got to the doctor’s office she had calmed down and didn’t seem to be in as much pain.  I honestly thought that they were just going to say that it was bruised, but the Doctor took a look at it and said that she definitely needed an x-ray.  They put her in a splint and a sling and sent us to the Imaging Center.  After her x-rays were finished the tech told us that they wanted us to go back to the Pediatricians office so they could put a different type of splint on her.  He said that she needed something that supported her elbow a little more, but he didn’t give me any results from the x-ray.

By the time we got back to the pediatricians office they had called the nurse to let her know that her elbow was broken.  She was going to need to see an Orthopedist in the morning.

It was such a whirlwind…definitely not how I thought we would be spending our afternoon and evening!  But I am so thankful for the Lord’s provision of good doctors who took such good care of my girl.  She was so brave…I am so proud of her.

When I told her that her elbow was broken she got really emotional again.  She started crying until I told her about the possibility of a pink cast… her friends signing her cast….maybe some pretty stickers on her cast…then life was okay again. :)

So off to the doctor again tomorrow…would appreciate your prayers that everything goes smoothly.



President of the Never a Dull Moment Club


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