Happy Mother’s Day…

One of my favorite pictures…holding Luke just a few minutes after he was born.

My fourth time giving birth but still just as wonderful and amazing as the first time… :)

And in honor of Mothers Day here are my

ABC’s of Motherhood

(written in May 2009)

The ABC’s of Motherhood

  • A is for answering questions…lots and lots of questions
  • B is for bathtime…a freshly bathed child…does anything smell better?
  • C is for chaos wonderful, maddening, unpredictable chaos.
  • D is for diapers…Pampers, Luvs, Huggies, whatever’s on sale…:)
  • E is for entertainment committee…as in..”I’m not the entertainment committee.”
  • F is for fathers…don’t want to take my children’s for granted.
  • G is for God…how could I, why would I, want to do it without Him?
  • H is for hearts…my children’s hearts…and my prayer that Christ would reside, and reign in them.
  • I is for instinct…almost always better than any parenting book out there.
  • J is for joy…its beauty is that it can be there regardless of circumstances.
  • K is for kisses…bedtime kisses, good morning kisses, “I’m so proud of you” kisses…
  • L is for life and the privilege of watching a new one come into the world four times.
  • M is for Mercy…given to me daily by the One who “gently leads those who have young.” (Is 40:11)
  • N is for “No” and trying to find the balance between not saying it too much but saying it enough…and teaching them to not say it to me…:)
  • O is for octopus…really jealous of that creatures 8 arms!
  • P is for prayer and potty training…the two go together right?  Both necessary, but one is a lot more enjoyable than the other.:)
  • Q is for quality time…and the struggle to put down the laundry, the mop, the vacuum, and spend quality time with my kids.
  • R is for rest…looking forward to getting some in about 18 years.:)
  • S is for swings, and slides, and sunshine.  All three are enjoyed best with my kiddos.
  • T is for tantrums.  It’s not pretty when my kids decide to throw one…and mine aren’t so pretty either.:)
  • U is for umpire…as a mom I sometimes make the right call, sometimes the wrong call…thankful that God’s grace covers it all.
  • V is for van…REALLY didn’t want one, but I am SO THANKFUL for it now!:)
  • W is for work…the best, hardest, most frustrating but rewarding job I have ever had.
  • X is for X-ray vision…and all the other super powers we possess as moms!
  • Y is for years…how quickly they pass.
  • Z is for zeal…for the Lord and for His word…striving to be an example of that to my children.:)

Feeling so blessed to be a mom, to have a wonderful mother and mother in law, and to be walking this journey with sweet sister in laws and friends who are moms too.

Happy Mother’s Day…




2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day…

  1. I am so glad that I happened upon your blog today. I love your Mother’s Day post. Miss you, friend. xo

  2. You are such a special lady!! This is a great picture of mothering…what an encouragement and reminder of the goal set before moms! Beautifully stated, beautifully lived! Love you dearly.

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