because one story from the trip isn’t enough…

On our way down to Nebraska both boys had to go potty…for the millionth time. :)

So we just pulled off the highway to let them go on the side of the road.

Jack jumps out and does his thing.  Tucker jumps out and I notice that he is

walking a little too far in front of the van so I jump out to help him.  Before I even realize

what is happening

he pulls down his pants and starts to go and proceeds to


Then the wind picks up and it


I just stand there in complete shock.

Galen is looking out at me trying to figure out what is going on.

I just kept saying over and over again…

“He peed on me.  He peed on me.”

When I finally get back into the van I grab the baby wipes and do my best to clean myself up.

Then I hear this little voice from the back of the van say,

“Sorry Mom.”

It’s okay Tuck…It’s okay…

I’ll just be sure to remind you of this when you are a parent one day. :)


p.s.  We survived the removal of the stitches…the anticipation was worse then the actual removal. ;)


5 thoughts on “because one story from the trip isn’t enough…

  1. Oh. my. word. that is SO funny – I’m sorry it happened to you, but it is funny to laugh about it now, right? That truly made me LOL! :)

  2. Yes, sorry, I too laughed out loud! That has happened to me in the middle of the night right in our own bathroom – little sleeping boys sometimes need help getting it in the toilet during the night. One time Samuel pooped on my shoe in Target when he was little, that’s when I learned to just have them sit down and go pee before pooping!

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