my new baby…

and I’ve decided to name her Grace. Why?  Because I don’t deserve her.

My ibook had been dying a slow death…running very slow, stalling, and thinking all the time.  It was especially frustrating to do anything with pictures.  It was a pain and I loved to tell Galen just how much of a pain it was.  You know the verse in proverbs that talks about a nagging wife being like a dripping faucet? Well, that was pretty much me.  About a week and half ago I was trying to delete some pictures and it froze…several times…and I pretty much had it.  I said some dramatic things like, I’m done with this…I can’t work on this thing any more…This is ridiculous…blah, blah, blah. I pretty much had an adult version of a temper tantrum…talk about ridiculous.

Well, do you know what Galen did?  He got online and ordered me a new laptop…right then and there.  And that pretty much sums up our marriage…

Jenn= lots of drama

Galen= lots of grace

And that is why I am naming her grace….



3 thoughts on “my new baby…

  1. I love how you called yourself out on your adult temper tantrum..that is so me more often than not. And I wonder where my girls have learned to throw fits like they do? :) Congratulations on your new baby – sweet baby grace.

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