a little change for Mackenzie…

This is what Mackenzie looked like on Thursday evening…

and this is what she looks like now…

We cut nine inches off of her hair and I think she looks adorable!  She had been asking me for a haircut for a few weeks now and I kept going back and forth about it.  On Thursday she saw Aunt Lauren’s new short haircut and I could tell that she really liked it.  So I decided to let her go for it.  We went ahead and did nine inches so that we could donate it (just like Aunt Lauren).  She loves it and she told me that she knew that everyone in her class was going to think that she looked really cute. :)

Oh the confidence of a six year old…



4 thoughts on “a little change for Mackenzie…

  1. She looks beautiful Jenn! Tell her Aunt Marie and Isabella loves her new hairdo!!! Way to go Mackenzie for donating your hair! Someone will be very blessed by it!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Mackenzie’s hair! And she is so precious to even notice my haircut (my own daughters didn’t even say anything – I think they were watching a show or something! :))
    I’m sure she feels blessed by donating her hair – it’s so worth it to do it for someone else. What a sweetheart little Mackenzie is to so many ~

  3. I love your adorable new look, Mackenzie! I think that is great that you donated your hair so someone else can feel beautiful too!! Love you:)

  4. What a beautiful young lady!! and such a wonderful thing to do for others. Mackenzie looks adorable in the new “do”.

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