BUSY weekend…

and I’m still recovering from it.:)  The Spring weather has inspired me and I had a long list of things around the house that I wanted to work on.  Luckily I was able to hire a profession electrician with 30 plus years of experience (my Dad) and the best landscaper/gardener I know (my mom) to help me with some of my projects.  The best part is that they work for free! ;)

Galen was out of town on Saturday so after our traditional Saturday morning donuts my parents came over and we got to work.  A new light fixture, curtain rod, mini blind, and peg board were hung by my Dad.  While he was doing that my mom and I were outside raking, fertilizing the lawn, moving flagstone and trimming a VERY prickly Sago Palm.

All of that work and my mom and dad still managed to play games with the kids, go on a walk, and offered to take us out to dinner.  You are the best Mom and Dad…thank you!!

On Sunday Galen was back and after church we headed out to work on the yard again.  I finished the flagstone path and he planted some new grass in one section of our yard.

Apparently that wasn’t enough for me because today I decided to dig a small trench around our trampoline and install a border in preparation for some pea gravel that we are going to put down.  Um….I was already sore and after digging that trench I am hoping I can get out of bed tomorrow! :)

I love projects…I love checking things off my list…I love Spring…I also love Advil because I think that is the only way I am going to be able to walk tomorrow.


p.s.  when I can muster up the energy I will take some pictures of all of our projects:)


3 thoughts on “BUSY weekend…

  1. AMAZING!! Please tell me Tom and Esther needed some advil too…:-) Look forward to seeing the pics!

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