You can tell that she only has brothers…

Last night I had to run a quick errand after dinner.  I asked Mackenzie if she wanted to come with me.  She happily grabbed her purse and jumped in the van with me.  On our way she asked if she could pick something out to watch in the van.  I said yes and thought that it would be nice for her to be able to pick something that she likes instead of just watching whatever her brothers like.  (That is usually how it goes because she is just sweet like that.)  So I hand her the DVD case so she can look through them.  After a couple of minutes she says,

Okay mama, I choose Batman. (We have a DVD of some of the old television show.)

BatmanAre you sure??

Yes!  I love Batman!

Okay…if that’s what you want.

So I put on Batman.  When we came to a red light I glanced back and there she was…capris, cute little top, silver flip flops, legs crossed, purse at her side…watching Batman.

I love a girl who knows what she likes…



3 thoughts on “You can tell that she only has brothers…

  1. I haven’t seen Mackenzie at church in quite some time so I was shocked by this picture. She doesn’t look like a little girl anymore!

  2. Love that girl! She is so girly in so many ways, and I love the fact that she wanted to watch Batman! :)

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