I do not exaggerate when I say….

that I have read this book hundreds of times.

This is Luke’s favorite page….

He loves to say frog over and over again….which is fine except for the fact that when Luke says frog it sounds like another word that starts with the letter f and is quite shocking when it comes from the mouth of a 17 month old.

It was especially fun when he started saying it over and over again in the nursery at church.  There were several wide eyed nursery workers that day…;)



4 thoughts on “I do not exaggerate when I say….

  1. love that book! 100s of times here too.

    one of our repeats was a Boynton book–But not the hippopotamus. Who would have thought that silly book would be such a hit.

    Enjoy your reading time, and try to cut down on the swearing, K?

  2. That Luke – I know how he talks, just like a sailor like his mom and dad! :) He is too cute – and I love the pic of him with the garden hose from your previous blog. He looks so pleased with himself!

  3. This made me laugh so hard because when Ava says ‘frog’, it also sounds like the forbidden ‘f’ word coming out of her mouth since she has trouble sounding her r’s.

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