almost two weeks late…

…but I still wanted to share these pictures.

Galen took Mackenzie to a Father/Daughter Dance on Valentines weekend.  They had so much fun…

She wanted a “special party dress”…I found it at Nordstrom Rack…$70 dress for $17!  I love a good deal!! :)

One of the best parts of the the night was that they went with their best buddies…Bo and Mia.

I love this picture…these two are such sweet friends.  I tried to get Bo and Galen to take a picture like this because they are such sweet friends too, but they wouldn’t go for it.  I wonder why?? :)



3 thoughts on “almost two weeks late…

  1. Those pics are precious, Jenn! Bo and Mia had so much fun as well! And I can only imagine the crabby looks you might have seen if Bo and Galen had posed for their own pic…I’m smiling just thinking about it. :) And I love the photo of Mackenzie and Mia laughing…so precious.

  2. Love these pics! Makes me excited for the future- my 16-month old is already a bit of a daddy’s girl, and they will both LOVE daddy daughter dances, I’m sure. There is something about a daughter with her dad. Can’t wait!

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