It’s rodeo time…

here in South Texas.  It is a big deal and one of these years we are actually going to go to the Rodeo.  Mackenzie is the only one that has actually gone.  Her class went on Wednesday.  She had a good time except for the petting zoo…she HATES petting zoos.  Thankfully her teacher and Lauren (who was a chaperone) were extra sweet to her and carried her so she wouldn’t be attacked by all the ferocious chickens and goats…;).

Today is Rodeo day in Mackenzie class and so she got all dressed up…

and last week the kids has Rodeo Night at AWANA…

*don’t worry…we had him untuck the pants before he actually went out in public.

I’m heading to Mack’s school today to help with the Rodeo festivities…looking forward to it! :)



One thought on “It’s rodeo time…

  1. You can tell Mackenzie I DO NOT like petting zoos either. I especially don’t like being attacked by goats! Your kids look great as a little cowgirl and cowboys!!

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