sick day…

Tucker woke up Wednesday morning and told me that he could not go to school because…

He had been “achooing” all night…:)

I knew that he had been watching his big brother who had been home sick on Monday and Tuesday and noticing that Jackson got to do some “fun” things like…

-watch TV in Mommy’s bed

-get lunch brought to you on a tray

-stay in your jammies all day

I also know that Tucker is my homebody, but that once he gets to school he loves it and has a great time!  So I told him that I thought he was okay and that he needed to go to school.  So off he went.  At about noon I got a call from Tucker’s teacher (who we love) and she said that Tucker had asked her to call me and tell me that he was still sneezing :).  I asked her if she thought it was serious enough for me to come get him and she said “no”.  He was fine, but she could tell that it was important to him that she give me a call…so she did.  (She’s so great!!)  I told her to tell him that he would be okay and that I would be there at 2:00 to pick him up.  He was all smiles when I got there.

The kids had AWANA that night and Galen decided to take the kids out to dinner before AWANA.  As they were sitting eating dinner he could tell that Tucker was not himself…he just kept looking worse and worse.  He decided to drop off the big kids and bring Tucker home.  By the time they got home Tucker was burning up with fever.  Yeah…I felt sooooooo bad.  The poor guy really was sick. :(

When he woke up this morning and I told him that he didn’t have to go to school he said…

“It’s my lucky day.”  :)



4 thoughts on “sick day…

  1. It’s because you’re a fun mom, Jenn! My mom was a fun mom, too – I was constantly trying to stay home so I could drink ginger ale, watch T.V. in her bed, and just get to be with her all day. The look on his face in this photo is priceless – love that Tuckie! :) Glad he’s feeling better…

  2. Jenn,

    Love this story! We have been through similar circumstances. I just chuckled at this photo- it made my day. Tell those sweet kids we love them. I hope all are feeling well!

  3. this is a great story. I can’t tell you how many times I feel like I was faked out by a kid who seems pretty sick til we say he/she can stay home. Or how many times I didn’t believe them and they really were sick. Took them to the doctor just to show them they were fine and they weren’t.

    If only they came with a little hourly printout with a status update…

  4. That’s so cute. Caleb thinks it’s more fun staying home sick than being at school. I need to make it extremely boring for him next time. :)

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