my “office”…

these days is covered in registration forms, lists, money, checks, a calculator…

all in preparation for the women’s bible study that I have the privilege of coordinating at my church.  As I look at this picture my favorite part are the stacks of registration forms…each one representing a woman who will be digging deeper into God’s word.

One of my new favorite worship songs says…

The more I seek You,

the more I find You.

The more I find You,

the more I love You.

That is my prayer as this season of Bible study begins…for myself and for every woman who is a part of our study.  That we would diligently seek Him and fall more deeply in love with Him…

My soul, wait silently for God alone,

for my expectation is from Him.

He alone is my rock and salvation.

Psalm 62:5



One thought on “my “office”…

  1. My mom does this at our church. What a wonderful service you are providing. What are you studying?

    We are currently doing Esther with Beth Moore.

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