I don’t want to be Pluto…

For the Lord God is a sun.~Psalm 84:11

As my Sun, the Lord is my light, my warmth,

the one around whom my life revolves,

and He is the one who brings forth fruit from the garden of my life.

His Spirit waters my life, His word nourishes my life, and His

face is the power that causes the fruit of my garden

to grow.  As a planet revolves around the sun, I want my life

to revolve around Christ.  I want to be a planet, not a comet that swings

by every 300 years only to return to darkness.

And I don’t want to be Pluto,  hanging out on the furthest fringe.

I want to be close-blazing with the same holy fire

that radiates from His face.  ~Bob Sorge

my prayer this morning…



2 thoughts on “I don’t want to be Pluto…

  1. Just reading through your blog this morning. I miss having your godly and sweet perspective around. You truly encourage and inspire me to be more like Jesus. Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed day.

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