pink eye…

Luke was diagnosed with pink eye yesterday.  I had carpool and so he stayed home with Galen while I went to get the kids.  When I got all the kids loaded into the car I told them that Luke had pink eye.  It was an eye infection that was VERY contagious and I wanted them to do their best to not touch Luke.  I explained that I didn’t want them to get pink eye too.  They asked a few questions and I thought they had a pretty good grasp of what I was talking about.  We get home.  Everyone unloads out of the van and Tucker runs up behind me and says,

“I’m staying back here with you mom.”

“Why Tucker?”

“Because I don’t want Lukie to get me and give me a pink eye.”

“Oh, Tuck you don’t need to worry about that.  You will be fine.  Just don’t touch his face.”

At this point he starts crying and I literally have to drag him into the house.  He immediately runs upstairs and stays there for almost 30 minutes.  He spends the rest of the afternoon and evening on “Lukie watch”.  If anyone got too close he would yell..

“Watch out!  There’s Lukie and he’s going to give you a pink eye!”

I think we might have a hypochondriac on our hands.



4 thoughts on “pink eye…

  1. Ha ha! That’s hilarious! I’m laughing out loud!

    Abby’s been like that lately. Everything she does or gets near… will this kill me? What would happen if I touched that? Will that make me sick? She’s worried about EVERYTHING :)

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