This one…

has had my number ALL WEEK!  During weeks like this it is good for me to look at pictures of him asleep and peaceful…and so cute.  He has been something else.  I had to run into Barnes and Noble the other day with all four kids.  Just needed one thing.  I didn’t put him in the stroller…big mistake!  He threw such a huge fit when we were waiting in line that the three ladies ahead of me let me cut in front of them so I could just get out of there…yeah… just slightly embarrassed.

I told Galen that I survived this age three other times…I know I’ll survive again…maybe…;).

Our house is all decorated for Christmas and the kids are enjoying all of the excitement that comes along with the season.  It is actually cold here in South Texas…like REALLY cold…so it feels like Christmas time.

Galen is headed to Dallas tomorrow to watch the Nebraska Cornhuskers play the Texas Longhorns for the Big 12 championship…Go Big Red!!

have a blessed day…



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