How to cook a turkey…

by Mackenzie Ruth.


“I would get it from HEB and come home with it and leave the plastic on it.  I would bake it in the oven on hot, hot, hot for I think when my mom bakes, she does like 20 minutes or 10.  Then I put it on the table and I eat it with vegetables and fruit and after I eat stuff I have dessert but I don’t really want it.”

Sounds yummy…don’t you think?  I think the plastic will give it a unique flavor. :)  Every year Mackenzie’s kindergarten teacher asks each student How to cook a Thanksgiving Turkey? and then she sends their answers home.  Pretty funny stuff!

I’m making my first Turkey this year, but I think I am going to follow a slightly different recipe. ;)




6 thoughts on “How to cook a turkey…

  1. That is one clever girl you have there :) I’m making my first turkey this year too – here’s hoping ours don’t taste like melted plastic!

  2. Make sure to cook it for 20 minutes or 10 – that is one quick-cooking turkey! Mia opened up her backpack and said, “Here, Mom – these are the recipes for making turkey. We can take this to Gigi’s house, so she knows how to cook the turkey!” :) That assignment was too cute~

  3. what an adorable idea that teacher has…I’m sure you will treasure that answer. You should break it out on the first thanksgiving meal she cooks as a wife. :0)

  4. Hooray for your first turkey…
    Best of luck!

    And just for fun…(in case you’ve never heard of this before) we name our turkey every year. The kids get to choose the name and they think its great. We made one last night for our small group and Edward chose PeterSam (the name of a Thomas and friends train!)

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