Powerful things happen inside when you spend time with God.

When you are in His presence for extended periods,

the molecular composition of your soul gets restructured.

Bob Sorge

This book has challenged me in more ways then I could begin to describe.  Honestly, it is a love -hate relationship :)…such deep conviction of my flesh…such comforting truth to my soul.

When we place ourselves in the sun of His countenance,

the radiation of His glory does violence to the cancerous iniquities

that we often feel helpless to overcome.  Time in His presence is

perhaps the most potent procedure to deal with the

chronic sin issues the plague us.


To say that I recommend this book would be an understatement.  It is not just like reading another book…it’s like going on a journey.



2 thoughts on “restructured…

  1. Jenn, I didn’t know you were reading this too. I feel the exact same way about it as you have expressed. It has knocked me down more than a few times. Such amazing ways it convicts and challenges me. It is one the best exercises of and in my faith I have experienced in YEARS.

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