a tale of beans…

…So on Friday I had signed up to provide one of the side dishes that goes downtown with a group from our church that feeds the homeless.  I was asked to make pinto beans.  Nothing fancy…just four large cans of beans from Sams Club that I doctored up with a little garlic salt, pepper and cumin.

As I was cooking them, Tucker walks into the kitchen and says, “Yuck.  What smells like poop?”  Thank you Tucker…just what I wanted to hear about something I am cooking for other people to eat.  (Reminded me of when Jackson said the EXACT SAME THING about a meal that I had made for a woman in my bible study group that was recovering from surgery…nice.)

Well, I continued cooking them…poured them into the disposable aluminum pans… put them in my van…and off we went to deliver them.  When I got to my friend Robin’s house (she and her husband lead the ministry), I took the pans out and immediately realized that something had gone very wrong.  There was a river of pinto beans on the middle seat of my van.  The River continued down the side of the seat, under the seat and created some beautiful puddles all over the carpet….yuck!  I had a roll of paper towels that I used to mop up what I could, but I knew that it was going to take a major cleaning job.

After I got home, we did our best to clean it up and Galen said he would give it a really good cleaning on Saturday.  Well, he did his best, but when we went to get in the car Sunday morning, the smell was unbelievable (refer back to Tucker’s comment :).  We knew that we would need to have the carpet cleaned professionally if we ever wanted to ride in the van again.  So after church we took it in to have it cleaned and detailed.  I am happy to say that 2 1/2 hours and $150 dollars later…we have a sparkly, clean van that smells lovely.

I think Galen put it best when he said…”It’s the high cost of ministry Jenn.”  :)



6 thoughts on “a tale of beans…

  1. …but I’m sure the beans made the meal for those who received them :)

    I can somewhat relate. My very first time offering to help with side prep for the homeless ministry I went through THREE can openers (my own, a neighbor’s, and one that required a trip to the Espinoza’s to retrieve) in my pursuit to merely open the cans of green beans. Once the beans were liberated from their aluminum prisons, I started the heating process in my oven and its fuse blew. So a quick call to Robin later and I was rushing my half cool/half warm green beans to the church to drop them off with Jerry for completed heating at their house. In my haste (as it was then less than a half hour from their departure time), I managed to get green bean juice all in the back of my Jeep. Thankfully, it didn’t smell like poop. However, I did realize that truly this was a ministry that the enemy did not want to prosper, and I have prayed over my participation in it ever since (that, and I bought an automatic, industrial strength can opener :).

  2. I can almost audibly hear Galen saying that final comment!! LOL! Don’t our family mini-vans take a beating?

  3. This is hilarious, but I’m so sorry you had to endure the stench and fork down that much money to clean up the mess!

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