“slay the idol of the seen…”

…struggling today with feeling more like a maid then a mom.  Frustrated by little ones who are definitely old enough to pick up after themselves…but choose not to.  Tired of reminding, tired of sticky floors, tired of mountains of laundry, tired of “uncrossed off” to-do lists, just really tired.

At the perfect time, a dear friend pointed me here.  Beautiful encouragement.  Wonderful, beautiful, convicting encouragement…just in the nick of time.  :)



2 thoughts on ““slay the idol of the seen…”

  1. Jenn, your blog is so amazing, thoughtprovoking, simple, and full of wisdom. I am fighting back tears as I read over your last few posts. You are wonderful and I am so blessed to have someone like you in my life! Ok, I am done being emotional! ;)

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