Welcome Fall…


Well, we welcomed Fall for about 3 days last week and then Summer reared it’s ugly head again.:)  It is just something that I have yet to get used to living in South Texas…the endless Summer.  The only trees that have leaves that are changing right now are the ones that are dying because of all the heat!  Upper 80’s and low 90’s all week…ugh.  I keep looking longingly at all the long sleeve items in my closet…someday I’ll get to wear them…someday…:)


photo:  the welcome table I decorated for our Women’s retreat.  I thought if I decorated for Fall, maybe it would come. :)


3 thoughts on “Welcome Fall…

  1. I knew the weather wouldn’t last…growing up here it doesn’t stick around consistently until at least December. Some years are better than others…but your table looks lovely!

  2. Hi Jenn!

    …and up here in the North, I am having a hard time welcoming fall because I know what comes after. In the words of Simon, “Mama, why is summer so short and winter sooooo loonnng?” I guess you’d switch that around down there :)

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