This post/picture is dedicated to…


We know how much you worry about us living down here

in enemy territory during football season.

But rest assured…we still bleed Husker Red…

burnt orange will not touch our skin…

our kids know how to yell

“Go Big Red”…

and they will be strongly discouraged from

attending certain “enemy” colleges

no matter how many of their friends decide to attend there

or what amount of scholarship money they might receive.:)

Husker pride…nationwide

and here is the proof…


Go Big Red!



7 thoughts on “This post/picture is dedicated to…

  1. Don’t listen to them…they really bleed GREEN and GOLD! Sic’ em Bears! :) Love you, Jenn and Galen – we must go back to Baylor soon, so we can cheer them on!

  2. That is an awesome family picture! We took one honoring “Big Blue”. Now that I think about it, Jacob doesn’t even own an Oregon t-shirt. I’m not doing my school any justice. :(

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